Structural Repairs

  1. Foundation

Not only does Kujawa Construction accomplish simple to complex structural repairs, of more importance, but we also reveal the culprit in causing the damage in the first place.  Without the culprit being discovered, the issue could potentially repeat itself.  As such, Kujawa Construction works in tandem with civil engineers, structural engineers, soils engineers, as well as additional engineers as the situation calls for.

2. Weight-bearing walls

Kujawa Construction has removed dozens of weight-bearing walls.  In conjunction with our structural engineer, we enjoy the complexity and challenge of these projects.  From the removal of internal weight-bearing walls to the removal of exterior portions of your wall to create outdoor access, we have done both. We find these delightful, challenging, and quite fun.

3. Helical pier installs

Commercial Projects.  Specialize in projects <$1M

Being fully insured with Pinnocol Insurance for Workers Comp and having liability insurance on record and available, we specialize in “small” commercial projects.   

  1. Jefferson County Public Schools.
  2. City of Brighton, Historic Train Depot restoration.
  3. The state of CO.
  4. City of Longmont
  5. Central City
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