1. Historic

My first porch restoration in 1986 was on Race St, in Capital Hill.  An old maple tree decimated this 1903 vintage porch, which ran the length of the house.  We matched the details so perfectly that when the inspector came for the final approval, he walked onto the porch and asked where the porch was for his review.  Kujawa Construction utilizes mill shops, salvage yards, and has its own mill shop to replicate the original construction design and details. 

2. Modern

The addition of a porch to your home will match the integrity of your home.  Upon completion, my aim is to have the new porch assimilate itself into your existing home whereupon it will appear as though the porch had been constructed at the same time as the home.

Porch enclosures

Wish to create a 3-season porch, we have accomplished this on dozens of projects. Wish to create a 4-season porch, we have accomplished this as well.  Plenty of windows, transoms, skylights, and trapezoid windows are suggested in the design phase by Kujawa Construction.

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