Deck Installation & Repair

The fruits of our labor reside in our ability to pause, reflect, connect with those we love.  We combine this with the outdoors and we arrive at creating a warm sanctuary including a deck.  A deck with built-in benches, perhaps an octogen shape, with a sunken fire pit may appeal to you?  Kujawa Construction has created marvelous lounging areas, aka decks.  As we express ourselves while pausing, Kujawa Construction assists you in your design to give your guests the expression you wish.  The Deck Superstore is the retail outlet of my preference as they have dozens of decking samples to flush out your dream space.  Examining all components of your deck is important, especially the railing system, stairs, handrails, layout design, choosing either wood or synthetic.  Kujawa Construction shall assist you in offering suggestions predicated upon the effect you wish to create.

Or wish to change out the countertops and save the cabinets? Kujawa Construction has done this as well.  Meticulous care is taken in this process, not only with this but likewise in protecting your floor with “ram board” which prevents workers from scuffed marks.

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