Construction Services

We are a team of highly skilled restoration, remodeling, and construction professionals serving the Front Range and Denver Metro Area. We offer a wide range of construction services for people who live in Golden, Evergreen, Wheatridge, and Lakewood bring their dreams to life.

Overview; The first duty, role and responsibility of a general contractor is to protect your interests and collaborate with you. How can I best serve you is in the forefront of my mind at all times in working with you.

“That looks like hip pockets on a hog” was a favorite expression of my grandmothers. Kujawa Construction brings a high degree of sensitiveness, awareness, and conscientiousness to all our projects so that expression my grandmother used, is not in anyone’s purvue. Maintaining the integrity of your existing home is of utmost importance. Every home has a heart and soul within it.

How can this important component be improved upon through the design component of your project? I bring 41 years of experience and knowledge to the table with me. That component is worth its weight in gold when we are collaborating with you on your project. With a degree in counseling I likewise recognize the emotional and psychological impact a renovation project has on the family dynamics. Being highly sensitive to this, I highly value communication.

We all hate surprises. As such, to mitigate this, defining the scope of your project is of utmost importance. The proposal you receive is thorough and exhaustive. As an illustration of my commitment to craftsmanship, I offer a 3 yr. warranty on all workmanship.

1) Historic
The beauty, charm and integrity of older homes is highly respected by Kujawa Construction. Adhering to this inherent charm, we remain highly sensitive to blend the new into the old.
2) Modern

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